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Low Speed Cut To Length Line

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Low Speed Cut To Length Line

 I.Introduction of uncoil/decoil

Kingjime machine is manufacture company of steel coil uncoiler.our Hydraulic series uncoil for press feed line,cut to length line ,slitting line and tube mill and 3 in 1 feeder .The decoiling machine is mainly used to decoil various metal coils, and work together with other machines to make a production line.MTC series steel coil decoiling machine with coil loading car.It is suitable for steel coil 75-3200 mm width, thickness is 0.15-25 mm, maximum weight of 40 tons!

II.Standard Features:
Manual or hydraulic expansion 
AC variable speed drives
Hydraulic drives
Quick release narrow coil keepers
 Loop controls 

 III.Optional features:
Traveling Coil loading car and coil lift device
Coil hold down arm
Hold down arm with motorized endwheels



Model Coil width
Coil weight Line Speed Machine 
Expansion type
MTC-200 200 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 2-3 tons 15M/Min 1.0x0.8x1.1M 1000kg Hydraulic
MTC-300 300 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 2-3 tons 15M/Min 1.1x1.0x1.2M 1200kg Hydraulic
MTC-400 400 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 2-3 tons 15M/Min 1.2x1.1x1.3M 1400kg Hydraulic
MTC-500 500 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 3-5 tons 15M/Min 1.4x1.2x1.3M 1600kg Hydraulic
MTC-600 600 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 3-5 tons 15M/Min 1.5x1.2x1.3M 1800kg Hydraulic
MTC-700 700 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 3-5/ tons 15M/Min 1.7x1.3x1.4M 1900kg Hydraulic
MTC-800 800 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 3/5/8tons 15M/Min 1.8x1.4x1.4M 2100kg Hydraulic
MTC-1000 1000 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 5/8/10 tons 15M/Min 2.0x1.5x1.6M 2300kg Hydraulic
MTC-1300 1300 0.3-2mm 450-530 1200 5/10/15 tons 15M/Min 2.5x1.8x1.8M 2500kg Hydraulic
MTC-1600 1600 0.6-6mm 450-530 1200 10/15/20 tons 15M/Min 3.0x2x2M 3000kg Hydraulic
MTC-1800 1800 1-8mm 450-530 1500 15/20/30 tons 15M/Min 3.0x2x2M 5000kg Hydraulic
MTC-2000 2000 2-10mm 450-530 1800 20 /30/40tons 15M/Min 3.0x2x2M 8000kg Hydraulic
MTC-2500 2500 4-16mm 450-530 2000 20 /30/40tons 15M/Min 3.0x2x2M 10000kg Hydraulic

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