KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line
  • KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line
  • KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line
  • KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line
  • KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line

KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line

Model No.: KJH60

KJH40/KJH60 series NC servo automatic cut to length production line(metal coil leveling shearing line) is a precision production line equipment for uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting to length and stacking.
Comments: It can be widely used in cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all the other kinds of metal materials with surface coating.

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KJH60 High Speed Light Gauge Cut To Length Line

I. General Introduction of KJH60 series cut to length line machine
  KJH60 series NC servo automatic cut-to-length production line is high-speed and precise with workstations for uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting to length and stacking. The machine consists of coil car, assisting support, decoiler, peeler device, leveler, coil guide, encoder scale, shearing machine, conveying table, stacker, output trolley, hydraulic system and so on. The whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. We mainly apply computer-control system of brands Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Siemens, Baumueller, Delta, and Schneider. The thickness for material can be from 0.2MM to 6MM, width from 150MM to 2000MM, load weight above 25T, cutting precision 0.5MM/M, line speed 60M/Min. We can also add functions such as collecting and coating according to customer’s need. This line is highly automatic with good straightening effect, précising cutting, efficient production, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance.
II.Technical Data for KJH60 Cut to Length Machine series
KJH60 series thin steel high speed cut to length machine
           Model              Sheet Thickness
Coil Width(mm) Leveling Accuracy Tolerance Line Speed
Coil Weight(t)
(mm/㎡) (mm/m)
KJH60-2*850 0.3-2 300-850 1.2 ±0.5 60 5、10
KJH60-2*1050 0.3-2 300-1050 1.2 ±0.5 60 5、10
KJH60-2*1300 0.3-2 400-1300 1.2 ±0.5 60 10、15
KJH60-2*1600 0.3-2 400-1600 1.2 ±0.5 60 15、20
KJH60-3*650 0.4-3 150-650 1.2 ±0.5 60 3、5
KJH60-3*850 0.4-3 300-850 1.2 ±0.5 60 5、10
KJH60-3*1050 0.4-3 300-1050 1.2 ±0.5 60 10、15
KJH60-3*1300 0.4-3 400-1300 1.2 ±0.5 60 10、15
KJH60-3*1600 0.4-3 400-1600 1.2 ±0.5 60 15、20
KJH60-4*1300 0.5-4 400-1300 1.2 ±0.5 60 10、15
KJH60-4*1600 0.5-4 400-1600 1.2 ±0.5 60 10、15
KJH60-4*2000 0.5-4 500-2000 1.2 ±0.5 60 15、20


1. Coil car
2. Double Cone Decoiler
3. Snubber Arm.
4. entry support peeler table
5. straighener
6. roller table
7. Side Guide Roller
8. The leveler
9. end plate run out pinch roll
10. Hydraulic Shearing Machine
11. stacking table
12. Hydraulic Systems
13. Pneumatic Systems
14. Electrical System PLC Control

high speed cut to length lines
V.About us     
Kingjime machine Limited is a TaiWan of Chinese technological enterprise manufacturer with Japanese technology to make steel coil cut to length line ,slitting line ,High Frequency pipe mill machine,nc servo feeder machine .We owned National high and new technology enterprise with 40 patents and intellectual property rights over the last for years.welcome to kingjimemachine as they!

  We will be in the equipment arrival, immediately arrange overseas after-sales service engineer in 15 working days or so to complete equipment installation and commissioning work,we have established steady cooperation with customers in over 58 countries.If you keep in touch with us, we can provide you need the machine to work in the field of video.

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