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Laser Cutting Blanking Line

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Laser Cutting Blanking Line

The line is controlled by NC servo system. It has PLC controlled the length feed measurement. The information of length, and speed can be input to the PLC systems. When the need feed length is reached, the machine can feed automatically. The line speed can be adjusted, It has a feeder with high precision.

Applicable Field

Home appliances, cookware, kitchenware, stainless steel products and other industries sheet metal round.

Product Features

1.Dynamic & continuous cut

2.Due to the innovative support structure of steel roller, the cutting material moving back and forth, the cutting beam being fixed

3.The laser cutting head only moving in the y-axis direction, the effective cutting of large workpieces canbe realized without cutting platform

4.Equipped with automatic feeding system of metal coil, high-efficiency automatic production is realized

5.The product covers a small area and has low cost

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