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ERW Pipe Mill 

I.Introduction of tube mill  
  Solid state high-frequency pipe production line is designed to produce welded pipes as well as square and rectangular pipes and formed sections of the corresponding size. The products conform to BS/ASTM Standard. Adopting the advantages of the equipment of the same kind at home and abroad, each element of the production line is designed with new ideas. The application of Germany technology is PLC automatic control system. It is British Eurotherm digital speed regulating unit guarantee that the production line works reliably and operates and main tams easily. Being the best inside the stare, the production line can also rival the advanced ones in the world.

Pipe mill with workstations for decoiler、straighener、Forming machine、welder and cleaner、cooler 、 size mill、flying saw cutter、run out table、pneumatic system 、Electrical control。Suitable for Wall thickness of welded tubes from 0.2 to 8.0 mm, Diameter of welded tubes from 7 to 219 mm, square tube size from 10 * 10 to 180 * 180 mm, the highest speed can reach 100 m/min. This is milling plant is the facility to consecutively form and weld the slit strips in horizontal direction for the desirable size. It is using high frequency induction device to mill and cut to pipe.  

II.main machinery:
2.shear and butter welder 
5.Forming machine 
6.welder and cleaner 
8.size mill 
9.flying saw cutter out table 
11.pneumatic system 
12.Electrical control

III.Main technical data


Diameter of welded 7-219 mm
wall thickness 0.2-8.0 mm
square tube 12-170(mm)
speed 15-100 m/min
power of major motor 160-220x2 kw
high frequency power 60-300 kw

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