what is working princple in high precision copper disc slitting machine?

Precision copper disc slitting machine (KingJime slitting machines for metal material videos) is mainly used for trimming and slitting copper. It mainly consists of unwinding,disc scissors, sewing machine winder and closed four major components.According to the different specifications and different states of shear requires, cut mode is divided into two kinds:The active cut and the passive cut.
1. Active shearing slitting machine
Active shear slitting machine for cutting disc unit strip of soft state unwinding machine, disc scissors and winder are actively driven motor, Copperbelt active unwinding into the disc scissors, scissors motor drag proactive move to cut, into the reservoir with the pit, and then through the guide, clamping device into the coiling machine, slitting complete Copperbelt. Its working principle shown in Figure 1.

active shearing slitting machine working principle

2.Passive shearing slitting machine
Passive disc shearing machine, also known as tension and shear, the general state of copper for hard trimming and slitting and rewinding machine during normal cutting disc scissors not be driven by coiling machine initiative, took unwinding machine and disk rotates with scissors, which is characterized by high speed shear. Its original work.
Processing shown in Figure 2.

pull shears slitting machine working principle


To ensure soft state copper ribbon cutting process does not take the S-type, plate-type straight, not curling fold, roll tightly roll together in precision copper slitting machine,The design principles need to take the active shearing mode.

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