Thick plate cut to length line goes abroad to Turkey

The KJH25 thick plate low-speed Cut to length line, developed and designed by KingJime for customers, has a thickness of 1-20mm and 8-25mm.This thick plate cut to length line is better than the industry high matching thick plate transverse shear production line configuration. The machine can do uncoiling,leveling, measuring, cross-cutting to length and stacking work. Not only excellent performance, but also more meet the needs of customers, so customers like it. For the convenience of customer operation, thick plate cut to length line is controlled by PLC control system, ruler is controlled by dc motor and rotary encoder. With accurate measurement, automatic operation throughout, simple operation, strong operability and excellent cost performance, customers are very satisfied .

Advantages of thick plate transverse shear production line: 
1. Gantry coil uncoiler, bearing capacity up to 40T; 
2.2. Add 5-7 stick pre-school machine;
3. Mechanical shear up to 8-25mm thick steel coil;
4. Stacking method can be adopted. 
Due to the good quality of our products and the high level of service, Turkish customers have come all the way to KINGJIME to place an order for the  cut to length line. The specification is kjh25-10-2000, the applicable material is hot rolled plate, the material bearing is about 35T, the material processing width is 900-2000mm, the material processing thickness is 4-10mm, and the shear speed is 0-25m /min.

We believe that our products will win a good reputation abroad for the company, winning glory for the country.