KINGJIME precision slitting lines in the Philippines with high speed processing for cold rolled steel,  galvanized steel and stainless steel

The products such as slitting lines cut to length lines of KINGJIME have been subject to the blue eyes of Philippine customers. Therefore, Philippine customers have been coming to KINGJIME to inspect the factory and place orders.This order is a precision dividing line with the kjs120-2-1300 specifications.Customer's material is galvanized  board, cold board, stainless steel board.The material is between 600-1250mm in width, 0.2-2.2mm in yhickness and 0-120m /MIN in speed.Width adjustable, thickness adjustable, speed adjustable cutting strips 30pieces ,It is applicable to a wide range of areas. 
In August 2018, engineers in KINGJIME completed the installation of the precision slitting line to meet customer requirements, and it has been officially put into production.The main working equipment of the production line includes loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine and power, front looper, longitudinal shears and power, waste edge reclaimer, rear looper, tension machine, rewinder, auxiliary support, unloading device, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components.Using Germany, Japan and other famous electronic control, can add crop shears, double slitter heads, and other devices, according to the weight of materials can be selected with double or single hydraulic uncoiling.

The whole production line adopts PLC centralized control and man-machine interface display.Due to the free setting of parameters such as order quantity, number of orders, different specifications, and  speed of users,KINGJIME'S kjs120 production line is the standard slitting line most favored by users and has been praised and praised by both domestic and foreign customers.