How to operate the air feeder, Let KingJime Machine Limited show you!
Let's go to the list steps to know how to operate the air feeder.
air feeder
1.The rammer of punching machine is at the top. When the air come into feeder, pilot lever and fixed clamp move up, meanwhile, movable clamp moves up to clamp material. Movable sliding plate moves forward, step one is finished. Picture 1
2.Rammer begins to go down, the guiding lever forces pilot lever to go down, then fixed clamp clamps material, meanwhile, movable clamp loose material, step two is finished. Picture 2
3.Rammer goes down at the bottom. The fixed clamp keeps clamping material. Movable clamp keeps opening, then, movable move back, Step 3 is finished. Picture 3
4.Rammer move up, guiding lever leave pilot lever, air come into feeder, then pilot lever move up, fixed clamp move up to loose material, meanwhile, movable clamp move down to clamp material. Picture 4
5.Rammer goes up at the top, then fixed clamp keeps opening, movable clamp keeps clamping, meanwhile, movable sliding plate move forward, Step5 is finished.