The slitting line was put into operation in Indonesia

In August 2018, after painstaking installation and debugging by engineers,the KJS120 production line, the most favored by users,
 officially runs production.The processing material for Indonesian customers is cold rolled plate with thickness between 0.4-3.2mm, 
width between 400-1250mm and speed between 0-120m /MIN.This production line has the functions of uncoiling, leveling, slitting,  tension and recoiler, etc. It is designed, produced and installed according to the individual requirements of customers. In the attitude of being responsible to customers, no matter design, production or installation, it is completed with high quality as equired.
The KJS120 slitting line is popular with customers because it has several big advantages: 
1. Standard, professional and high-speed steel belt material divided processing center configuration;
2. Double or single hydraulic uncoiling can be selected according to the weight of materials;
3.Closed membrane device、crop shear、double knife holder can be added;
4. Famous electronic control made in Germany and Japan;
5. PLC centralized control and man-machine interface display.
The KINGJIME of the series KJS120 can be set freely, which can improve efficiency, reduce cost, and have a long and stable service life. Its cost-effective advantage has been praised by the majority of customers at home and abroad.