Kingjime paid a visit to Indonesian regular customers

Marketing manager Henry took a research with technical director to Indonesia BINA, a regular customers.
They negotiated 650 belt tension and 1600 flying shear production line, the sense of the customer's long-term trust, since 2009 since so far has been to our custom KJH60-3-1300 high speed cutting production line, high-speed slitting line KJS6-2000, 6 mm plate kaiping line KJH6 KJ60-2000, carbon steel pipe production line;

Our product: Cut To Length Line and Slitting Line with decoilder, straightener, feeder, shearer, slitter, recoilder and stacker.(Siemens Motor)
Light Gauge, Medium Gauge and Heavy Gauge Coil Slitting Lines.
Light Gauge, Medium Gauge and Heavy Gauge, Rotary and Flying Shear Cut To Length Lines.