Kingjime awarded the third prize of the second Qingxi town Union Cup enterprise workers' mountaineering competition

On the arrival of the "May Day" on April 21, 2018, organized by the dongguan qingxi federation of trade unions of the second annual "union cup" company worker fun climbing competition held in qingxi forest park, kingjime union after screening and preliminary The two teams took part in the game.
In "happy work, healthy life" as the theme, arrange the union knowledge question and answer session, on the way to three men and two women as a team, team and each team the last player to the finish time as the final result, to give full play to the team cooperation spirit and competitive consciousness.After more than 40 teams in the fierce competition, the golden dragon team ranked fifth in the overall ranking and won the third prize.Through this competition, it not only stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to use their spare time to exercise, but also promoted the communication and friendship between enterprises and employees.

1、Mobilization meeting.

2、In play

3、Group photo after the game