KINGJIME high precision leveling machine was shipped to US customer

At the beginning of 2019, KINGJIME MACHINE began a new chapter and continued to write new glory. The precision leveling machine of the US customers had delivered on time in March after the order, design, production and quality inspection. KINGIME MACHINE strictly controls the products with high standards and high quality; it serves customers with high sense of responsibility and professional technology. Let customers not only get good products, but also enjoy better service. Precision leveling machine for this shipment,Model :KJWH8-2000,The advantages of this series are:

A: product features

1. After the levleling, it is smooth,without indentation, and does not damage the surface of the material. It is suitable for various metal coils;

2. This machine adopts Japanese electric contact system and electronic parts, with few faults and long service life;

3、This machine can be used alone or match with MTC series decoiler.

4、The rollers are hard chrome plated and extremely durable.

B、Optional parameters

1.coil width :  200/300/400/500/600/700/800/1000mm

2.coil thickness : 1.0-4.5/1.0-6.0mm

3.leveling speed:15 m/min

4.motor:3-15 KW