Installation and pilot run of slitting line KJS120-3-1300  was done completely in India Bangalore

KJS120 kingjime many CNC slitting production line in most of users of the standard points of the production line for a thickness of 6mm, roll width less than 2000mm, slitting speed of 120m / min, a wide number of volumes striped can be up to 30, Has the advantages of wider scope of application. The production line includes a main function of unwinding, leveling, slitting, tension, rolling and the like, which has a main working device loading car, uncoiler, leveling machine and power, before the looper, and power slitting machine, slitter edge close Loader, after the looper, tension machines, winders, auxiliary support, unloading devices, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and other components.
The entire production line using centralized PLC control, man-machine interface display, based on Mitsubishi, Yasukawa, Siemens, including Miller, Delta, Schneider Electric control system for the leading brands, in full accordance with the user's orders, the number of points, different points of the specifications, the speed of points of the set consisting of parameters, applicable to all types of metal coil processing after hot rolling and cold rolling carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, steel and surface coating. With the promotion of efficiency, reduce costs, long service life and stability characteristics.

Customer: Bangalore, India
Product Name: Precision Slitting Production Line
Model: KJS120-3-1300
Applicable materials: cold-rolled plate
Material thickness: 0.3-3.2MM
Material width: 300-1250MM
Maximum roll weight: 15T
The number of points: 2-30
Slitting speed: 0-120M / MIN
Installation time: 2017-12