Advantage of Kingjim Machine

There are dozens of metal coil processing factory in China, how to identify which is better, KingJime Machine Limited has the following advantages:

1. With 24 years of development history, each step of Kingjime is the accumulation of experience and technology, and has won a good title and passed various national and world-class certifications.Such as national high-tech enterprises, CE certification and so on.

2, Professional and independent research and development of transverse shear line, vertical shear line, three-in-one automation and other products, the annual production capacity of more than 350 sets, with an annual production capacity of more than 1500 sets.

3, integrity, innovation, pragmatic, equal corporate culture, so that every employee has a sense of home, so that every customer has the desire to cooperate.

Choose Kingjime, return you a best product and best service.Choose kingjime, always stand with you.